It was a Saturday in the month of May. Westfield shopping centre was packed. The family of four had just been to look at the new release of the iPhone 7. The family consisted of The father, Michael, The Mother Tracy and the two sons Aaron and Joe. The sons were both 11 years of […]

In extract 2 Shylock explains to Antonio that  he hates him for he is a Christian. This shows us that that Shylock has a disgust for Christian’s as maybe they judge him for he is a Jew and they are looked upon. Because he says this, it automatically presents himself as a villain and someone […]

Act 1 Scene 1: Antonio complains to Salarino and Solanio that he has been struck by sadness and is clueless to why. His friends suggest reasons why he is feeling in such a way. One reason from Salarino and Salanio is his sadness is due to his investments into serveral ships which have been sent […]

Antonio explains that he is depressed. Solanio and Salerio volunteer reasons why he is acting in such a way; They suggest that he is worried about the safety of his ships, in which he has spent a large sum of money on their maintenance. “And such a want-wid sadness makes of me, that i have […]

He came to a stop. St Andrews Creek. He had an idea of what this neighborhood was like. The cold rain, droplets the size of rocks, began to soak his clothes. The ice cold water filled his socks and shoes. This particular area of town felt so empty, so hostile. The squelching of his shoes made […]

Equipment – Clamp, Stopwatch, Paper Helicopter, Paper clips, Ruler. One of the most important pieces of equipment is the clamp. it holds the ruler in place and keeps it at the same height making it a an accurate test. It is more accurate than a human hand because the person holding the ruler could be […]